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     DC's 'HEROES IN CRISIS', written by BATMAN writer TOM KING <<RESERVE IT NOW>>

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Image result for death of robinwill go a long way in explaining some of the more regretable occurences over the past few years as it introduces DC Comics SANCTUARY....a place for trauma suffering heroes to go when the pursuits of their journey become too much to handle.....a place to recover when needed, because,  PTSD can be harmful to anyone... even a certain (right now) flustered DARK KNIGHT who is slowly losing faith with the long standing battle...

Batman Catwoman Sanctuary Batman 47 by Tom King Tony Daniel Danny Miki Sandu Florea and Tomeu Morey

.......Is BATMAN Going To SANCTUARY??......You can almost bet on it......BRUCE WAYNE is loooooong overdue!!!

 heroes in crisis 1 Tom Kings SANCTUARY DC comics





heroes in crisis

Heros in Crisis 3

Amazing Spiderman 800 covers 2018

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Action Comics 1000    Action Comics Finally (80 years later) hits #1000!!!!   

#ItsBEENawhile since a certain #CapedWONDER hit newstands & #ChangedHISTORY by leaping (..not flying,..at least not at 1st..) into the consciousness of a world #Hungry4HEROES....  .....It's doubtful anyone who read #ACTIONComics #1 in 1938 would have suspected the idea of it's unparalleled subject, a literal '#SUPERMAN' having a 80+ year matchless success ahead.... 

Action Comics Finally (80 years later) hits #1000!!!! 


ACTION COMICS #1000 ACTION COMICS #1000 1930S VAR ED                             ACTION COMICS #1000 1940S VAR ED                             ACTION COMICS #1000 1950S VAR ED                            ACTION COMICS #1000 1960S VAR ED                             ACTION COMICS #1000 1970S VAR ED                             ACTION COMICS #1000 1980S VAR ED                             ACTION COMICS #1000 1990S VAR ED                            ACTION COMICS #1000 2000S VAR ED                             Image result for blank action comics #1000 DF ACTION COMICS #1000 BENDIS GOLD SGN ED (C: 0-1-2)Related image




amazing spiderman 800

Just as #DCCOMICS most spandexy eminent character ['#Supes'] breaks new ground in the modern #comics world [..hitting #1,0000 in Action Comics!!!...], another #MARVELous company has been building up its OWN flagship title as the CRAZY-MASH-UP of the 'RED-GOBLIN' [..Norman Osborn + CARNAGE!] hits in 'AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800








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Thor Ragnarok Movie 5 Drive in Image Collections





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Image Collections famous free comic book day teaser 

    action comics #1  STAR WARS 1 COMIC     .May 2006  .October 2011 .     

            -HISTORY-            -STAR WARS is BACK !-     -BEST READS-      -CAP 3 MOVIE STORY-    -DC's NEW-52-          -ALL AGES 

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Marvel reboot starts




Guardians of the Galaxy Free Comic Day




Superheroes Happy New Year


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   action comics #1  STAR WARS 1 COMIC     .May 2006  .October 2011 .     

            -HISTORY-            -STAR WARS is BACK !-     -BEST READS-      -CAP 3 MOVIE STORY-    -DC's NEW-52-          -ALL AGES COMICS- ms marvel 1 comic. Death-of-Wolverine-1-McNiven-Cover.75 Years of Batman Comics.POWER RANGER COMIC 6... Image result for CONVERGENCE AD DCImage result for FCBD avengers     ..Kids Comics Top Right.      ...Stan Lee supports Free comic book day...5 drive-in theater now playing coming soon....:iconoshouki:. .Mississauga Power Tickets.. .canada 24 hour comics day



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 The Flash 1 #FlashWAR is COMING SOON!!...












Marvel reboot starts

 BATGIRL minicomic 2



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