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...the long-standing [since 1810] 'Village In The City' of [the much younger,1974] MISSISSAUGA , is rich in its traditions, many of which celebrate the roots of its community, a 'small town'-like settlement built around the Credit River...


As the town grew established, schools such as Ray Underhill Public School, Vista Heights Public School, Russel Langmaid Public School, Dolphin Senior Public School, & Streetsville Secondary School were opened much to the chagrin of generations of students yet to come....

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Now a bustling centerpiece of activity, STREETSVILLE [almost 50,000 strong] plays host to a number of FUN-SPIRITED EVENTS like its CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS [ JULY 1st....every year], Streetsville VINTAGE CAR SHOW, STREETSVILLE SPOOKTACULAR [the Saturday before Halloween ], SANTA CLAUS PARADE [after which Image Collections  have a GIANT CARD SCRAMBLE ], as well as many ARTS-related as well [ I.C.'s annual 'FREE COMIC BOOK DAY' in May ;o]...

Also, from far & wide, former 'Streetsvillians' [ those with fond memories of Streetsville living ] make the sometimes hardened journey back 'home' whenever possible for the 40+ year traditions-filled 'hook-up' EVERY 1ST SATURDAY OF JUNE known as the.....








2020 Bread & Honey Festival

2021 Bread & Honey Festival

Will there be a 2022 Bread & Honey Festival?

The plans for 2022 Bread & Honey Festival are to return to the main street, Queen Street, Mississauga Road outside of Streetsville, celebrating in a Street Festival fashion.

The date is Saturday June 4th, 2022 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.

This will result in some road closures, mainly from Tannery Street to Thomas Street.

2022 Streetsville Founder’s Bread and Honey Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary, don't miss it!

From the official website:

"Since 1973 our festival has been held annually on the first weekend in June, in the Village of Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario.

To our valued supporters, vendors, food truck operators.

Hello Everyone! The Bread and Honey Festival is proud to be back and celebrating it’s 50th year anniversary!! 

For this year we are changing the footprint of the festival to a one day Bread and Honey Street Festival, on Saturday June 4th, 2022 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. We will be in downtown Streetsville along a portion of Queen Street S with a permitted street closure. Our mission driving this change was our desire to continue to be a part of the community, give back where we could and come together to support the merchants. "

 * COVID could change things, keep this in mind.

(...speaking of things 'in mind', why not try reading '..The Secret Origins Of...' whatever you have joyfully watched lately, as so much content comes from the printed pages of illustration mixed with words, artwork & literature together as one...a beautifully creative medium of its own!...READ MORE HERE...)

 Wilfred Gelder, long a staple of downtown Streetsville, created, managed & ran Gelder's Fine Arts Studio [ Wilfred Gelder Framing ] across the street from Centre Plaza in Streetsville, for over 50 years, teaching arts & painting lessons to many a future famed artist....

Wilfred Gelder Streetsville





Taste of Streetsville

Bread and Honey Festival


How to get to Streetsville

---------->From TORONTO.... [approx. 22 min. away]
....take Queen (Toronto) St HWY#427 North [turn right],...... to HWY#401 West, Erin Mills / Mississauga Road South Exit [turn left],.....Down 8 Lights we are on your left-side(beside I.D.A.) in STREETSVILLE

------>From DOWNTOWN TORONTO [approx. 28 min away]

........take GardinerExpressway becomes Q.E.W. WEST..... to Erin-Mills-Parkway Exit North [turn right], Thomas St East [turn right],.......go down a hill to (the end) Queen-Street North [turn left].......we are  right at the 2nd Lights on your right-side (beside I.D.A.)

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-------->From OAKVILLE [approx. 16 min away]

........take Q.E.W. 403 Erin-Mills-Parkway Exit North [turn left], Thomas St East [turn right],.......go down a hill to (the end) Queen-Street North [turn left].......we are  right at the 2nd Lights on your right-side (beside I.D.A.)

-------->from HAMILTON [we are approx. 32 min away]

........take Q.E.W. Erin-Mills-Parkway Exit North [turn right], Thomas St East [turn right],.......go down a hill to (the end) Queen-Street North [turn left].....we are  right at the 2nd Lights on your right-side (beside I.D.A.)

------->from BRAMPTON [we are approx. 14 min away]

..........take Steeles West to Mississauga Road South [turn left],........go south past HWY#401........Down 8 Lights we are on your left-side (beside I.D.A.) in STREETSVILLE

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------>from SQUARE ONE [we are approx. 16 min. away]

......take Burnhamthorpe Road Mississauga Rd North, (turn right)........exactly at 3rd light past Eglington [beside I.D.A]........

------>from Meadowvale Town Centre [approx. 9 min. away]

.......take Winston Churchill Boulevard Britannia Road East (turn Left) Queen Street South, (turn right)........ exactly at 2nd Light (beside I.D.A.)

------>from ERIN MILLS Town Centre [approx. 5 min. away]

.........take Erin Mills Parkway Thomas St East [turn right],......go down a hill to (the end) Queen-Street North [turn left].....we are  right at the 2nd Lights on your right-side (beside I.D.A.)

---Smiley: Sure enough! Look! It's a map of that mountain range! 
---Phoney: I'm saved! Give it to me! 
---Smiley: Gimme a dollar first. 
---Phoney: What? 
---Fone Bone: Go on Phoney, give him a dollar! 
---Phoney: WHAT?! 
---Fone Bone: We're lost in the middle of the desert! Give him a dollar! 
---Phoney: All right, all right...HEY! What is this? This looks like it was drawn by a five-year-old! This thing is WORTHLESS! 
---Smiley: It's worth a dollar! 
---------From 'BONE', words & rat creatures by Jeff Smith----




 Image Collections fully recommends you listen to THAT VOICE in your head which insists on nudging you back towards READING COMICS AGAIN, rediscovering your LOVE OF THE COMICS MEDIUM, & not only picking up an issue or two for old times' sake, but ALSO SHARING IT WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE....

saga 1..........and 'THOR' [who's been replaced by a strong-willed woman in the 'LADY-THOR'-'THOR-GIRL' STORYLINE!] .....

....or 'SAGA' [..featuring one of the most sophisticatedly appealing romantic-Sci-Fi tales EVER, staring a PREGNANT WOMAN! ],......

....or 'SANDMAN' [ ...a mystical, all-encompassing, mind-altering take on Morpheus & your dreams almost overshadowed by his own sister, a woman literally COLD to the touch! ] ,...

.... or VELVET [ ....a twisty-turny tale of an on-the-run 40-something woman, a Bond-like double/triple agent who knows all the covert operational secrets of many countries who is now wanted on all fronts! ].... 

ms marvel 1 comic

....or Ms MARVEL [ ....starring an young woman over-burdened by high school life, new-found shape changing abilities, & a ton-o-homework while finding herself at odds with her strict muslim parents! ],....

or 'SAUCER COUNTRY' [about a woman running for US President] ] ...


You'll soon realize, this historic medium has joyfully evolved,....just as much as YOU have!....


Happy Reading......IC :)

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