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 Richard Comely artist writer  -  Daniel 'Oshouki' Wong artist writer Daniel Wong artist Jill Dhakura artist Michele Laframboise artist writer Agnes Garbowska artist writer Chris McQuaid writer artist  Mark Bertolini writer Christopher Yao artist writer Jason Loo artist writer Adam Gorham artist Arnold Trinidad artist Adonis Howard artist writer Vishal Murthy artist Vince Sunico artist Jill Dhakura artist painter Wilfred Gelder painter
Mississauga's most ART-LOVING, STORY-DRIVEN, HOPE-FILLED, crazy-talkin 
     [........in STREETSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA ;o]
[...intro by TM Maple Leaf...]
Here, on this page, are some of the people you may wish to aspire to be like...
Most of them, possibly like you, have had dreams to reach out by harvesting from within, taking stands by giving the world pieces & places of themselves they thought had long sat dormant enough...
Like many reading this, they had been spawning ideas, sometimes only every now & then, sometimes daily or hourly...sometimes hundreds of them, sometimes only a couple, or even, just perhaps, only one....
The quantity, the frequency, or even the quality aren't all that important....
An idea....ANY IDEA can make greatness occur, it just needs a bit of nourishment after being thought...
What separates acclaim from an idea is work, exposure, & evolution...
....not always in that order....
Below are some great examples of hard work & dedication, dreams & desires, and time, talent & spirit....
Perhaps you have never had a dream that you've made sure wouldn't die, but I doubt it...
Maybe you aren't really striving towards any really important goals right now... & that's fine...
When the time DOES come to revisit those dreams & finally take a few steps closer to drawing the picture you want your life to be...
....to put into place the stories we want to be remembered for...
....to chose the colours we'll be known for painting inside, outside & around the lines with...
Some of the inspirations of which will help you build a foundation for the panelling which will hold YOUR plans may come from these bright, energetic, & creative folks below....
...whose visions in their dreams live on through their [not without sweat] works, floating, absorbable to many, like a breath released to frolic in the wild, & play on as their wind...
...probably also planting the seedlings which will continue the process again...
...the harvester becomes the harvest, & the world reaps the benefits...
Like many known to them, and the uncountable not, we enjoy their works, we thank them for their energy, & we stand VERY PROUD of them!!!.....
IMAGE COLLECTIONS is INDEED proud to support LOCAL ARTISTIC TALENTS, both successful and aspiring.... :o).
"We don’t need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don’ts: we need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but "Once upon a time..." lasts forever.”

― Philip Pullman

 Wilfred Gelder Death Tuesday November 24 2015

Adonis Howard  creator of Ogre Exaggerated at Free Comic Book Day 2012 at Image Collections in Streetsville Mississauga Ontario Canada MED 9    Adonis Howard Artist

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Daniel Wong Artist

Canadian Comic Book Creator


Daniel Wong Artist Graphic Designer draws at Image Collections comic store Mississauga Streetsville Celtic Shaman small

       Comic Illustrator, Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, Self-Publisher

-- Mississauga --

    Also known through his 'pen-name' of 'Oshouki', engineer turned full-time artist Daniel Wong's work has dazzled and amazed through its great detail and his versatile storytelling abilities...

Daniel is very driven, creative, and original in both his artistic nature, as well as with his pursuits, goals, and family.  He has built a solid resume since re-aquainting himself with his high school love for drawing and has made a splash in the comic industry worthy of being the 'Next Big Thing...'..

Co-creator of the fantasy-action series 'CELTIC SHAMAN', a member of the 'Spent Pencils' Art Conglomerate, and recent ASPEN COMICS cover artist, Daniel Wong is assuredly a name you will be hearing in comics for a long time to come....





Daniel Wong has been a part of our FREE COMIC BOOK DAY & BREAD & HONEYcelebrations many times, is a 24 HOUR COMICS DAY alumni, and his local fans & followers are happy to share him with the world!...

----@  http://spentpencils.com


---  http://www.oshouki.com  ----  http://www.celticshaman.ca 

--- http://spentpencils.com

[....to see even MORE of Daniel's work, click on 'Store Hours' above!]







2010 Solaris Prize Winner, 2010 Aurora Finalist, 2009 Governor General Literary Award Finalist for Children's Literature plus more.








...Couverture de la Plume Japonaise, publiée chez vermillon en 2010.Tech Salv 1.

^see above^

Michele Laframboise Artist Graphic Designer at Image Collections comic store Mississauga Streetsville  Michele Laframboise 

Artist Writer














Adam Gorham artist 2008 free comic book day

 Adam Gorham Artist Writer

http://aprincelydreadful.blogspot.ca/  &  http://adamgorham.daportfolio.com/   &  https://twitter.com/adamtgorham   

&    I.C.'s /fcbd2015/285-valiant-comics-dead-drop-gore-geous-in-more-ways-than-one


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agnes garbowska 1b  agnes garbowska art  agnes art

Agnes Garbowska Artist Writer




 Garbowska-Agnes sm  agnes garbowska ms marvel spiderwoman  agnes garbowska You Me and Zombie 2agnes garbowska xmen 144


"If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination
on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having
worthless dreams."
— Yann Martel (Life of Pi)




Jason Loo From Loobot Studios artist self publisher great guy     Jason Loo Artist Writer

Longtime Self Publisher Jason Loo continues to prove your dreams can be told on paper...

   With many projects under his belt, and a company with his name [ LOO-BOT Studios ] to his credit....

........  Image result for jason loo free comic book dayImage result for jason loo free comic book day





---artist VINCE Sunico

-- .

.For more INFO on Breakout Up & Coming Artist Vince Sunico...




Art Phenom Spent Pencils @ one of our Bread & Honey Cons



----artist Arnold Trinidad
----artist Jill Dhakura..
Mark Bertolini  writer  holding a copy of Breakneck 1 Free Comic Book Day 2012 MED at Image Collections in Streetsville Mississauga Ontario Canada 20  Mark Bertolini Writer Artist
   New York Times bestselling comic book writer Mark Bertolini, writer of BREAKNECK who's latest project Scum of the Earth will be published by ACTION LAB ’s Danger Zone imprint..
Mark has lots of help for those looking to break into comics....




 .Christopher Yao Artist Writer Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Image result for Christopher Yao artYaoza Graphics Studios offers illustration, comic book/sequential art, graphic design and creative consulting. Based in Toronto, ON, Yaoza Graphics can provide on-site or freelance solutions to commercial and private consumers.

See MORE of the fruits of Christopher's hard work @:


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2011 free comic book day richard comely mississauga image collections quest.Canadian Artist & Self-Publisher...


Christopher Yao .




....meeting fellow Canadian Artist & Self-Publisher...



^^pic^^Richard Comely Artist Writer

Creator Of Canadian Heroic Icon


Captain Canuck


..........as it happened @  http://www.imagecollections.ca/fcbd2011

grey35CapLOGO For 'A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAPTAIN CANUCK' check into the character's official website HERE: