Daniel Wong Artist & Canadian Comic Book Creator

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Daniel Wong Artist Graphic Designer draws at Image Collections comic store Mississauga Streetsville Celtic Shaman small

      Daniel  Wong       ARTIST

  Comic Illustrator, Digital Artist,

Graphic Designer, Self-Publisher

-- Mississauga --

    Also known through his 'pen-name' of 'Oshouki', engineer turned full-time artist Daniel Wong's work has dazzled and amazed through its great detail and his versatile storytelling abilities...

Daniel is very driven, creative, and original in both his artistic nature, as well as with his pursuits, goals, and family.  He has built a solid resume since re-aquainting himself with his high school love for drawing and has made a splash in the comic industry worthy of being the 'Next Big Thing...'..

Co-creator of the fantasy-action series 'CELTIC SHAMAN', a member of the 'Spent Pencils' Art Conglomerate, and recent ASPEN COMICS cover artist, Daniel Wong is assuredly a name you will be hearing in comics for a long time to come....



Daniel Wong has been a part of our FREE COMIC BOOK DAY & BREAD & HONEY celebrations many times, is a 24 HOUR COMICS DAY alumni, and his local fans & followers are happy to share him with the world!...

----@  http://spentpencils.com


---  http://www.oshouki.com  ----  http://www.celticshaman.ca 

--- http://spentpencils.com

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