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Upcoming FREE SPECIAL EVENTS @ Image Collections
Saturday June 4 Bread & Honey - FREE COMIC CON
Saturday  June 4

Bread & Honey - Come DRAW with us

Featuring 'CELTIC SHAMAN' Extraordinary Artist Daniel Wong, among others

Saturday June 4

Bread & Honey - Come PLAY with us

(Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Marvel/DC vs, Heroclix

Saturday June 4

Bread & Honey - SALES & SPECIALS

Comics, Graphic Novels, Games, Hockey Cards, Grab Bags, Manga

 Saturday  June 4 Bread & Honey - CARD SCRAMBLE

Freeeeee Comic Book Day Part 8

'Freeeeee Comic Book Day' @ Image Part 8:


   2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Front6    2011_Christopher_Yao_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_4    2011_3free_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Streetsville_Image_Collections_

What’s the big deal about comic books anyway?...

'Comic books' are an original North American art form, created in the early days of the twentieth century.....

               2011_ComxSelect_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections                2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Jason_Roussel_4

Popularized in the 1920's, comics exploded in the 1930's, dominated youth culture in the 1940's, helped facilitate change in the 1960's, became an accepted mainstream medium of relevance in the 1980's, boomed again in the 1990's, and yet today, over 100 years later, are just now capturing their true potential in the minds of those of whom have stories to tell.... 

They are fun to read, featuring a wide range of diverse story lines that capture the imagination of readers all over the world....

  2011_Green_Lantern_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_4     2011_FrontD_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_11    2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_table5

"Those who tell the stories rule society."


=======================================COMING SOON: Free Comic Book Day 2011 @ I.C. Part 9.....





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Freezie Comzic Daze 2011 @ Image

'Free Comic Book Day 2011' @ Image Part 7:


2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Con_Bravo_5    2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_FrontLN  2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Artx13

YOU 2 can SHARE your OWN thoughts, ideas, pics @



I.C.'s Facebook 2011 F.C.B.Day EVENT PAGE: 



2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_11   2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Frontx4  

Did YOU enjoy Free Comic Book Day 2011?....


 We'd LOVE to hear from you....

Keep checking back for MORE photos from this day... 

 We will be posting lots of reactions on our website, along with photos and links to others, or even yours [if you'd like]......

.....just let us know :o)

 =======================================COMING SOON: Free Comic Book Day 2011 Part 8!

FCBDAY 2011 PICTURES.........

'Free Comic Book Day' @ Image

Part 6: 

  2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Green_Lantern_8      2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Streetsville_Image_Collections_Cool_Crew     2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Vishal_Murthy

2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Mississauga_Image_Collections_Richard_Comely       2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Streetsville_Image_Collections_Show6  2011_Free_Comic_Book_Day_Streetsville_Image_Collections_Cool_Sketch 


Free Comic Book Day 2011 Part 7




upcoming special events @ I.C. :

         friday      may 13th.....   'Magic Card Game:Release Event DRAFT   

 .  saturday  may 14th..... Spent Pencils Tour - 'Sketches For Pledges'  

      sunday         may 15th          > Image Collections' ART GROUP             

        saturday   june 4th.....   'Bread & Honey FREE-COMIC-CON  @ I.C.  

        saturday   june 4th.....   'Bread & Honey CARD SCRAMBLE  @ I.C.  

          sunday        june  14th..... 'GREEN LANTERN DAY'  @ iMAGE             

Free Comic FUN on a Day Like No Other...

Hello Fellow Readers....[and Free Comic Book Day Fans!]
  Just a short note to THANK....*HUGS*...everyone who attended the 'Image Collections 2011 Free Comic Book Day Event' on Saturday May the 7th.  The day was AMAZING for us to experience, seeing so many people gathering to celebrate the medium of artwork mashed up with words really gets to us [in an almost holistic way]....*sniff*....
  You'll be able to experience it again, or possibly for the 1st time if you weren't able to attend [[...due to some overwhelmingly unfortunate last minute occurrence OF COURSE, right?....don't worry, we understand *wink-wink*]] as we will be posting opinions and photos in the coming days & weeks on our website [ http://www.imagecollections.ca ].  Also, check out the presenters websites [listed at bottom] as they too may post PICs & VIDEOS...

  From the heightened energy of toddlers anticipation of something special happening, the electricity of successful LOCAL PUBLISHERS mixing with those whom they are inspiring, of parents initially dragged along finding themselves intrigued enough to READ ALONG also, the friendly intensity of creators describing their creations to a welcomed audience, a delightful squeal of a child discovering a dressed up cos[tumed]-player-attendee, the high level of educated storyline banter within the crowds, to many playing out a long tinging quest for discovery by taking their first steps into the worlds of the sequential arts, what an excellent day it was!
LOTS MORE TO COME>>>> check back often to this page for added photos from the event!

Early Birds Get Reading Material



and get even MORE




CHECK BACK HERE FRIDAY Night to discover the TOP SECRET 'Early' Extras.....


***Including an AMAZING DRAW for those in line at 7:00am!!!


***TALK 'THOR' the movie....


It's like BOXING DAY...


.....but with more Villians!

COME DRAW WITH US...@ Free Comic Book Day 2011!!!


Have You Drawn Anyone


Everyone Can Draw.....even you!


COME ON OUT on Free Comic Book Day  to finally show off to the world your, as yet, untapped artistic skills...

...Just you wait, as YES, we'd LOVE to see some of that 'flair with a pen' you used to dazzle friends & family with, 'cause you might just make a connection @ Image Collections, join our free art group, and be showing off your OWN creative masterpieces before you know it.....




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Hello there......Some of you it seems may not yet have heard of the holiday celebration known as FREE COMIC BOOK DAY until now, so here is some info on it....so that you TOO can get pumped about it!




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A HUGE THANKS to those above, and everyone else who has been spreading the word about FCBDay through friends, family, school, Facebook & Twitter. Most media are very supportive of local 'good news' stories and it most definitely helps to provide more information to the public.  Feel free to let others in on the news....
As always, we will keep you up to date...still, don't hesitate to ask us questions, share ideas, or get our opinions on anything....we can't say for sure it will be of any help [it IS us after all :o], but it may provide you with some food for thought.

We are still looking for more volunteers and/or helpers.. [call us at 905-542-8307] ...we can't do it all...IT TAKES YOU to make an event, especially a FREE event!

 THANKS for reading this, and we hope you are looking forward to Free Comic Book Day 2011on Saturday May 7th as much as we are....


“I told two friends about......
...and THEY told two friends,... 
….and SO ON, and so on, and so on.... " 
 -------From A Catchy 1980'S SHAMPOO COMMERCIAL








 image_FREE_small          image_FREE_small          image_FREE_small

Free Comic Book Day 2011 Guest Line-Up.........




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Just Some Of The....



  Special GUESTS......

                                             you 'll see @ IMAGE COLLECTIONS....     


Hello again....It is THAT time of year again!..


....It is time to announce [ BELOW ] some of the people who will be making SATURDAY MAY 7th [already marked on YOUR calendar, right? :o] a memorable day for us all.....MORE announcements to come!
We encourage you, in the next few weeks, to take the time to familiarize yourselves with them, their backgrounds, and the unique skills they will be bringing
to this event.  Particularly blessed not only with talent, but also the people/business attributes which have lead to their successes....

Revealed at last, our FCBDay 2011 MYSTERY GUEST....... 



 Saturday May 7th

@  Free Comic Book Day

Legendary  Writer-Artist


Richard Comely

Creator Of Canadian Heroic Icon

Captain Canuck

...will be at Mississauga comic book store Image Collections in Streetsville.

Captain Canuck #1exploded on the scene back in 1975 as a self published comic series featuring a patriotically true Canadian hero!  To date, more than 2.3 million copiesover 26 different editions have been printed since the first issue.

Through not only comics, but also television, syndicated newspaper strips, t-shirts, buttons, textbooks, and even a government issued postage stamp, Captain Canuck has achieved widespread acclaim, success, and historical importance in contemporary Canadian culture.

[...more INFO & times T.B.A. ]

To LEARN MORE about the LEGACY of

"Canada's First Superhero" Captain Canuck click below: 



Michèle Laframboise - Writer / Artist, The Jules-Verne, The 8th Register- A multi-award-winning bilingual creator, the 2010 Solaris Prize Winner, 2010 Aurora Finalist, 2009 Governor General Literary Award Finalist for Children's Literature plus more..- A science-fiction lover since childhood, Michèle juggles her time between drawing comics, writing SF novels, and her family..  


Daniel 'Oshouki' Wong -- Illustrator, Digital Artist -- Mississauga

Daniel's an electrical engineer turned professional artist, pursuing his first love: the rush of artistic creation. His work ranges from comic book pencils and inks [ CELTIC SHAMAN] to freelance illustration, from fan art to pin-ups, and from web programming to web design. 

See MORE of the fruits of Daniel's hard work @:
http://www.oshouki.com   - http://www.oshouki.deviantart.com   
http://www.celticshaman.ca  - http://www.spentpencils.com/ 

Chris McQuaid -- Writer - Mississauga

Chris has been writing and publishing comics since 2007. He is currently working on the self published "Celtic Shaman" comic as well as the upcoming "Dead Souls" mini series for 215ink Publishing. When Chris isn't writing (or at the day job) he enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets or just sitting down to watch a good hockey game (Go Leafs Go!) He lives in Mississauga Ontario with his wife Tina and their two sons Logan and Luke....

See MORE of the fruits of Chris's hard work @:   http://www.celticshaman.ca


cs-small   cs-small   cs-small

Follow Celtic Shaman @  www.facebook.com/pages/Celtic-Shaman/151935008167816 

Jason Roussel -- Artist-- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

In 2009, I did a back-up strip called 'Let There Be Rob' for the 'Chase Stone' comic published by McHozer Comics. In 2010, I entered the wonderful world of sketch cards by working on 3 sets for Sadlittles.com and one set for Breygent Marketing. I'm contributing to an anthology book called 'One' and still doing sketch card work.

See MORE of the fruits of Jason's hard work @:
Vishal Murthy -- Artist- University Of Guelph Editorial Cartoonist

Vishal Murthy is an aspiring veterinarian and up and coming artist whose work ranges from  editorial comics and cartoons to doggy portraits. He will be offering free cartoon sketches and will be taking commissions, and would love it if you dropped by to say hi!

See MORE of the fruits of Vishal's hard work @:
Christopher Yao -- Artist -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Yaoza Graphics Studios offers illustration, comic book/sequential art, graphic design and creative consulting. Based in Toronto, ON, Yaoza Graphics can provide on-site or freelance solutions to commercial and private consumers.

See MORE of the fruits of Christopher's hard work @:
http://www.yaozagraphics.com        http://yaozagraphics.deviantart.com/ 
Mark Bertolini -- Writer -- Mississauga

Mark Bertolini is the creator and writer of the 215 Ink title Breakneck, a fast-paced romp through the life of a D-list supervillain, which has recently gained some Hollywood attention. His other work includes the sci-fi/noir title Ghost Lines from Creator's Edge Press, and the forthcoming apocalyptic comic Long Gone through Markosia Entertainment.
See MORE of the fruits of Mark's hard work @:

MINIbreakneck-1-jan111349   MINIbreakneck-1-jan111349   MINIbreakneck-1-jan111349   MINIbreakneck-1-jan111349
Eric Somerville -- from MyWallComics --  Mississauga

Eric will be on-site demonstrating his exciting new way to display your collection, and answering any and all questions on how you can create your own statement with MyWallComics. MywallComics is the only product of its kind in the world and hopes to support and work with creators throughout the comic community. The product can be purchased at...

Packed Initial Free Comic Book Day Line-Up @ Image Collections ...