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Tales of the Source Wall comics column


By: Ethan
Location: out of Toronto
Flavour: I've got a comic book jones (but I only read the good ones).
Subject THIS At-Bat: Intro to PREVIEWS for new readers 
PREVIEWS is a fantastic, albeit, overwhelming resource for finding out about new comics, toys and merchandise, but in this heroic age of the modern world, there are other tools to use in conjuncture with PREVIEWS which make it that much easier...
  To use a PREVIEWS efficiently, I would prescribe a healthy dose of the internet in addition to your reading of the catalogue. Websites like Comics Alliance and Comic Book Resources, constantly post new and updated information on what publishers and creators are up to, well in advance of it appearing in print. Using sites such as these to read reviews, previews, interviews, rantings, praises, and breakdowns of both todays' and yesterdays' magazines, you should have a fairly good idea of what you'd be interested in. It allows you, when the time comes, to look in a PREVIEWS catalogue and say "Ho! Yonder comics hath previously caught mine eye whilst browsing upon the world wide web," ...or something... Whatever.
    This kind of paper/digital symbiosis gives you as a reader of PREVIEWS the ability to make informed decisions about the comics you choose to order. Also, there are a few comics that I have personally found quite enjoyable doing the reverse, in that I saw the book in the catalogue, then went on the internet to see more about it. In my opinion, PREVIEWS is best utilized in tandem with the internet.
      The other tool you'll have as a PREVIEWS reader, is the person behind the counter. Odds are, they've been through the most recent catalogue already, and could possibly have more information on the characters, creators, and publishers that pique your interest.
       After all, as most readers of comic books eventually come to realize, one of the most important parts of being a fan of the medium is the community that comes with it. Both the local, and global comic community.
      If there is one thing a comic fan loves doing, it's talking about their personal favourite everything, and that just might put the right kind of fire in your belly to want to read your first Image comic, or Conan comic, or Art Baltazar comic, and it's all found in the latest instalment of PREVIEWS.
January 2014: PREVIEWS: Ethan's Picks:
She-Hulk #2. Hasn't been around for a while, but this book is shaping up to be one of my new favourites. Even if I base that strictly on my adoration of issue #1's cover.
Daredevil #1! It's a reboot/continuation but who cares? One of my favourite books currently. Had the best page in comics during issue #25 last year (in my opinion). 
Superior Spider-Man 29-30+Annual 2. Because at this point, who misses puny Parker? Did anyone see what Ock did to Blackout? Gosh.
Black Canary & Zatanna Bloodspell Hardcover. Batman the Animated Series writer Paul Dini is finally back... I couldn't be more excited for this long gestating book.
Swamp Thing #29. Charles Soule writes a lot of things, I would say that right now his best work can be found on this book. 
Black Science #5. A newer book from Rick Remender. Great concept and Matteo Scalera's art is top notch as ever.
It wasn't in the PREVIEWS this month but if I had to pick a new favourite book in this instant it would be Image Comics Rocket Girl. Check it out.
The Wake #7. This should be on everyone's pull list. Sean Murphy is one of my favourite artist's ever. Simply astonishing renderings.
Dark Horse-
Hellboy 20th Anniversary Sampler Comic. This book has everything. New stories for old readers, old stories for new readers, my favourite artist ever, Mike Mignola, and my favourite comic character ever, Hellboy.
That is all.



,THANKS ETHAN for your insights, and YES, PREVIEWS are available to browse & look through or purchase in-store @ Image Collections, all month long....

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