2014 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY * UPDATE #08....'The Index' Lives Again!  

    ACTIVITIES start @ 9:30am 

  Image Collections [Store] opens @ 10:00am 

    FREE COMIC BOOKS begin @ 10:30am 




---LINE UP begins @  7:00am,

---Activities begin @ 9:30am,.

---Store Opens @ 10:00am,

---FREE COMICS begin @ 10:30,

--- ARCHIE Spotlight @ 12:30,

---MARVEL HOUR @ 1:00pm,

---DC POWER HOUR @ 2:00pm,

---IMAGE Spotlights @ 3:00pm,

---WALKING DEAD-Heads Meet @ 4:00pm!

---VERTIGO Spotlights @ 4:00pm

 Lots more ALL-AGES FUN also,

 ...so for more details check our

   Free Comic Book Day 2011, 2012, 2013 PAGES [links on side of THIS page] on our website:




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Free Comic Book Day 2014 at Image Collections....



Canada FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is back!!!


Free Comic Book Day 2014 SPECIAL GUESTS


FCBDay; New Column: Tales From The Source Code, "Point One: Starting 2 READ COMICS" by Ethan!


Free Comic Book Day 2014 UPDATE #06 MORE GUESTS



Mississauga Power Tickets.Get READY to BOUNCE, 'cause YOU'VE got the POWER!!!

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Free Comic Book Day 2014 at Image Collections....

 Only 20 minutes from Toronto & most of the GTA! 

  WELCOME to IMAGE COLLECTIONS comics * cards * gamesmore 


Free Comic Book Day 2014 at Image Collections....

[.........many UPDATES below...] [....and MANY more coming...]



Stan Lee Promotes Free Comic Book Day!





FCBD 2014 Interview with Creator of Itty Bitty Hellboy, Art BaltazarWho is THIS CHARACTER and what

reasons do KIDS-Of-ALL-AGES have

to care?....CLICK HIM & SEE..








The DAY is almost upon us....


The DAWN will awaken yet again...


The DOG-DAYs of Winter are to be soon in the past........


[.....EDITOR:"DOG-DAYS of Winter"...?!???....crazy we say this writer is!!! .....]


<<<........."DOGs are fun, but still they are one of the largest contributors to taking the 'WHITE' out of winter, & when it's been a long season...well, THAT's a LOT of  yellow snow!!!......>>>



Canada FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is back!!!


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On Saturday May 3rd 2014.....

IMAGE COLLECTIONS will host their



     As one of the Oldest, Largest, and Most Popular Events of its kind in CANADA,

our famous PARKING-LOT of activites not only provides excitement

for the long-time-reader, but also is a perfect jumping on point...

.... for the NEW & WANTING as well...


an accessable 'ground-floor' & exclusive 'below-ground-floor' to



...your very own...



  Want to be a PART of I.C.'s F.C.B.Day's activities?.....

.....you can.....

.....just contact us....



check out I.C.'s PAST F.C.B.Days to oversaturate yourself with the idea : [click on each]


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..Free Comic Book Day Fun at 2010 Image Collections Parking Lot Fun 35 comics store ontario canada f...Free Comic Book Day 2010 Image Collections Parking Lot Fun 35 comics store ontario canada f..

.Free Comic Book Day 2011 Image Collections Comic Store Reading Fun For Everyone comics store ontario canada Its all about the COMICS and the POKEMON f..Free Comic Book Day 2011 Image Collections Comic Store fun ontario canada Its all about the cool people ESPECIALLY the cool door people f..

.Free Comic Book Day 2012 at Image Collections in Streetsville Mississauga Ontario Canada 9b f.Free Comic Book Day at Image Collections comics in Streetsville Mississauga Ontario Canada 6 f.

.Free Comic Book Day 2012 at Image Collections in Streetsville Mississauga Ontario Canada 9 f.

Free Comic Book Day 2014 SPECIAL GUESTS

Luanga Nuwame
Saturday, May 03, 2014
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Luanga Lue Nuwame is a 37-year-old award-winning designer of cardboard craft instructional videos on the Homemade Game Guru You Tube channel. Beyond his handmade board game creation Superpowerful Bonanza, he is also a published author of a children’s book, comic book and horror short story and blogs part-time for Makezine.com (Make Magazine). Nuwame also holds a World Records Academy world-record for making the ‘world’s largest board game completed by one person’. He was born and raised in Toronto and now lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


Adonis Howard
Saturday, May 03, 2014
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Adonis Howard, Artist, Self- pubisher http://www.imagecollections.ca/fcbd


Jill Dhakura
Saturday, May 03, 2014
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Jill Dhakura, Artist, Self- pubisher http://www.imagecollections.ca/fcbd


  ....We bring you.....  
An Artist's Alley


Creators across many spectrums share their visions and show off their efforts as both writers & artists introduce you to the amazing world of sequential artistry, complete with books, minicomics, prints, and inspirational stories come true!


Learn To Draw & Write Workshops


Easily accessable with down to earth help, these workshops, designed for all-ages, will be running most of the day spotlighting many charaters and/or tools for experiencing the satisfaction of discovering your inner talents for storytelling. trust us, your art, in whatever style or lack there-of it is presented by, is unique to you and will be loved by many...isn't it about time you provided a home for all those wonderful stories in your head :o)


Comic-Related Debates & Discussions


Good natured friendly opinion sharing on a variety of topics ranging from the latest bestsellers, today's hottest storylines, under the radar titles, and TV-MOVIE crossover hits, not to mention great conversation with potential new friendships almost certain to bloom!

Comic Trivia Contests


Come on out and test your knowledge against your friends. How well do YOU know comic characters and their histories, media tie-ins, and costumes?

Lots of Draws & Prizes


Starting with the 1st few to arrive recieving special gifts, there'll be lots more details to come on this....

Legendary Line-Up


Image Collections is famous for creating many happy memories over the years, and our Free Comic Book Days are full of them. Just how many of our FCBDay lines have YOU been in? Adding lustre and mystique to a spectacular day, meet new friends while talking about what you love lined up with many of your closest pals. Lining up not your thing?...Check out our fantastic guests and displays instead!



Yes, Virginia....the legend of FREE COMICS is still alive and well as Image Collections makes sure no one goes home empty handed. With a huge selection to choose from, titles perfect for every taste in fiction, and a wealth of ALL-AGES FUN, your tradition, that of budget-saving comic grazing, is back...just for YOU!


New Column: Tales From The Source Code, by Ethan


[.....Just seeing if you are paying attention...."BOO!".... (Boo+'k') ]


Below we have something NEW [finally, they say] here @ imagecollections.ca, & it's NOT written by us [...*Fist-Pumps Everywhere!*...] so you should like it...

As almost everyone knows, we here @ I.C. love to promote LOCAL TALENT & of course that means WRITERS just-as-much as ARTISTS, and so we are proud to present to you........

Tales of the Source Wall comics column


By: Ethan
Location: out of Toronto
Flavour: I've got a comic book jones (but I only read the good ones).
Subject THIS At-Bat: Intro to PREVIEWS for new readers 
PREVIEWS is a fantastic, albeit, overwhelming resource for finding out about new comics, toys and merchandise, but in this heroic age of the modern world, there are other tools to use in conjuncture with PREVIEWS which make it that much easier...
  To use a PREVIEWS efficiently, I would prescribe a healthy dose of the internet in addition to your reading of the catalogue. Websites like Comics Alliance and Comic Book Resources, constantly post new and updated information on what publishers and creators are up to, well in advance of it appearing in print. Using sites such as these to read reviews, previews, interviews, rantings, praises, and breakdowns of both todays' and yesterdays' magazines, you should have a fairly good idea of what you'd be interested in. It allows you, when the time comes, to look in a PREVIEWS catalogue and say "Ho! Yonder comics hath previously caught mine eye whilst browsing upon the world wide web," ...or something... Whatever.
    This kind of paper/digital symbiosis gives you as a reader of PREVIEWS the ability to make informed decisions about the comics you choose to order. Also, there are a few comics that I have personally found quite enjoyable doing the reverse, in that I saw the book in the catalogue, then went on the internet to see more about it. In my opinion, PREVIEWS is best utilized in tandem with the internet.
      The other tool you'll have as a PREVIEWS reader, is the person behind the counter. Odds are, they've been through the most recent catalogue already, and could possibly have more information on the characters, creators, and publishers that pique your interest.
       After all, as most readers of comic books eventually come to realize, one of the most important parts of being a fan of the medium is the community that comes with it. Both the local, and global comic community.
      If there is one thing a comic fan loves doing, it's talking about their personal favourite everything, and that just might put the right kind of fire in your belly to want to read your first Image comic, or Conan comic, or Art Baltazar comic, and it's all found in the latest instalment of PREVIEWS.
January 2014: PREVIEWS: Ethan's Picks:
She-Hulk #2. Hasn't been around for a while, but this book is shaping up to be one of my new favourites. Even if I base that strictly on my adoration of issue #1's cover.
Daredevil #1! It's a reboot/continuation but who cares? One of my favourite books currently. Had the best page in comics during issue #25 last year (in my opinion). 
Superior Spider-Man 29-30+Annual 2. Because at this point, who misses puny Parker? Did anyone see what Ock did to Blackout? Gosh.
Black Canary & Zatanna Bloodspell Hardcover. Batman the Animated Series writer Paul Dini is finally back... I couldn't be more excited for this long gestating book.
Swamp Thing #29. Charles Soule writes a lot of things, I would say that right now his best work can be found on this book. 
Black Science #5. A newer book from Rick Remender. Great concept and Matteo Scalera's art is top notch as ever.
It wasn't in the PREVIEWS this month but if I had to pick a new favourite book in this instant it would be Image Comics Rocket Girl. Check it out.
The Wake #7. This should be on everyone's pull list. Sean Murphy is one of my favourite artist's ever. Simply astonishing renderings.
Dark Horse-
Hellboy 20th Anniversary Sampler Comic. This book has everything. New stories for old readers, old stories for new readers, my favourite artist ever, Mike Mignola, and my favourite comic character ever, Hellboy.
That is all.



,THANKS ETHAN for your insights, and YES, PREVIEWS are available to browse & look through or purchase in-store @ Image Collections, all month long....

JUST ASK US whenever you are @ Image Collections [...you DO come visit us, yes?..] 


."Those who tell the stories rule society."------Plato [old-OLD-school opinionated guy!]

Free Comic Book Day 2014 UPDATE #06 MORE GUESTS

MISSISSAUGA POWER....Mississauga's Pro Basketball TeamMississauga Power Tickets...Mississauga Power Tickets.
Saturday, May 03, 2011
Carolyn Austin-Smith
Saturday, May 03, 2014
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Carolyn Austin-Smith, Artist, Painter, [also....Fitness Trainer]



Free Comic Book Day @ Image C. Update #09

LastKissContest 2     Feel FREE To Bring Along As Many People As You Can Tell, They'll Thank You For Introducing Them To This Wonderful READING MEDIUM.....

     Just Be Sure Ahead Of Time Who Gets To Keep The FREE COMICS As Many Times Those Recruited As 'Pickers' [...the # is limited per person...]  Afterwards Decide They Too Wish To Discover The Exciting Stories Within The Titles In Their Hands....

Hence, It's A Great Idea To Bring A Few EXTRA Family & Friends Who've Never Turned A Four-Colour-Page Before.....

....Along With Your Sketchbook, Pens & Pencils, A Safe Fold-Up-Chair, & many questions to ask...



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