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SATURDAY  APRIL 5th 2014 is Image Collections CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Movie Event...Captain America The Winter Soldier 5 Drive In Image Collections Event bj

...So will CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER lift the "spangly one" to new heights of movie-stardom & more importantly, box-office 'bofo'..... ....Let us know what YOU think through email & facebook, we'll print the best comments AND give YOU the credit you so richly deserve.... ....As for what lowly opinions we have, Image anticipates a continuation of the magnificently played out M.M.M.M. [Marvel Movie Marketing Mainstays] for the forseeable future, with CAPTAIN AMERICA [who has had some GREAT READING comic-runs available to dive into, SEE BELOW!!!] ascending to A-level status due to excellent stories executed the 'AVENGERS'-way...

-----Captain America: Good thing your boss can afford the expenses.."
-----------.Falcon: "True dat..."
------Captain America: "...What?.."
------------Falcon: "Nothing, man..." [like the movies, Cap is a bit behind with pop culture]

....ALlmost ALL of MARVEL's MOVIE MAGIC has come directly as a result of some immensely popular & award-winning comic writing FIRST, with the writers of the books garnishing surprisingly-showcased, yet deservedly so, splashing 'THANK YOUs' in the credits, which, thanks to a continued commitment to a unique 'branding' of MARVEL EXTRAS after-the-fact, audiences actually somewhat pay attention to watching....

.....Not a stretch at all, we find creators actually like [...Alan (Watchmen, V for Vendetta writer) Moore no-so-much...] seeing their name's acclaim in lights & in movie-referencing databases sprinkled dandelion-like all over the 'webisphere', giving them clout, and their stories added exposure to be enjoyed by those who don't realize the comics code is long since expired....

---Captain America---"Yell if Thor comes back.Steven Rogers (Earth-616)"
-Iron Man--- "I'm probably going to yell either way.."
---from Avengers Prime [...don't ask..] #5.....words By Brian M. Bendis...Iron Man Armor MK IIIB....Spider-Man (Peter Parker)----"I can't believe I'm saying YES to this...Who can say no to you?..."
Captain America (Steven Rogers)----"Good man."
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)-----"Well, honestly, I could really use the money...."
Captain America (Steven Rogers)------"Oh, there's no money...."
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)-----"Ugh, that is SO ME, it's not even funny...."
------CAP asking SPIDEY to join THE AVENGERS, in 'NEW AVENGERS' #3,** words By Brian M. Bendis....

[...**When SUPER-STORY-TELLER Brian Bendis took over writing THE AVENGERS a decade ago, one of the first things he did was re-launch [ugh!] it renamed as 'NEW AVENGERS' with ALL of MARVEL's BIG GUNS [including SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE!] as team-members since DC COMICS 'Justice League' animated series was a huge hit at the time!...Bendis's writing went on to be a legendary success of over 7 years worth, building up the team to unprecented quality & popularity, leading to the 2012 'MARVEL's AVENGERS' movie!...]

  imageLogo5smlr.....says: "Liked 'CAPTAIN AMERICA' the movie?...

------Get a FISTFUL of 'CAP' Reading with THESE 'BEST's:

[[[ NOTE: Like the more mature hit 'The Walking Dead' & most acclaimed fiction, if left unspoiled [...obviously the most rewarding reading method...] you won't believe many of the shocking comic panels [picture boxes] your eyes are seeing due to plot-twists, story-turns, and dramatic-'wordsmithing' embeded into the industry's 'Hall Of Fame' tales....

As is true in every medium, the pinnacle top few are indeed exceptionally well-liked as tried & true as noted rewarding experiences, so we encourage you to add to your library, even live 'dangerously' trying out an 'unresearched' gem... ;o).

....most likely you'll escape all the richer for it....HAPPY READING!, where were we?....



1.----This is modern MARVEL storytelling at its finest, realism-intact, as the MARVEL UNIVERSE's most important crossover ever is also the most divisive, dramatic, & messiest yet!  Captain America leaps [...see cover for 'pun' :o] into a self-dug foxhole of troubles, & spotlightthat left the MARVEL UNIVERSE in a tattered, but 'stately' state of being worldly worthy again...  --- I.C. Rating of ***** 5/5

------'CAP'-FACTOR:.Put center-stage, Steve Rogers plays the part farthest from the role he's know for, forcing himself to alienate many of those who have been closest to him since his 'reawakening' [...think 'ice-sleep'..].  Captain America as a noisy rebel with a stubborn cause

"Civil War finally addresses many of the questions every reluctant reader of 'silly-superheroes' has begged to have answered..." 

 ."Keep flying, son.....And watch that potty mouth!"-------CAPTAIN AMERICA, after crashing on top of a flying F-15, after the pilot exclaims "Jeezus!" in Civil War # 1..


.------THE ULTIMATES....Pity has no place in the political 'superfication' of America even when it gets in the way of its own Avengers-like ULTIMATE COMICS-line members!  --- I.C. Rating of ***** 5/5..



Steven Rogers (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 5 10 cover"Ninety percent of the casualties of World War I were soldiers, fraulein..... But half the people who died in World War II were civilians...... Half of sixty-one million.... I know why I'm fighting, fraulein.... I don't want to see World War III."

---CAPTAIN AMERICA-----talking to a German student.Captain America The Winter Soldier 5 Drive In Image Collections MARVEL Movie Event.


"Do you actually think the fact that you know how to program a computer makes you more of a human being than me?..... That I'm out of touch because I don't know what you know?.... I know what freedom is.... I know what it feels like to fight for it and I know what it costs to have it...... YOU know compromise...."

CAPTAIN AMERICA, to Tony Stark [Iron Man], in 'Civil War: The Confession'

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