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-----Nick Fury: "Lasers, powered flight, phenomenal shielding, and
  sensors that could find a Democrat in Texas. You put all this effort into
  coming up with this stuff, and now you're going to hand it over to my tech
  guys? I mean, why?..."
-----Tony Stark: "I know what that stuff can do, Fury, and... I don't know... I just
  felt like giving something back, doing some good, you know?..."
-----Nick Fury: "More than you may ever know, Monopoly Man...."

------From THE ULTIMATES # 1, words by Mark ["I wrote 'CIVIL WAR',  'AMERICAN JESUS',  & 'KICK A$$'!"] Millar...[also, THE ULTIMATES may just be THE BEST MARVEL SERIES of the 21st CENTURY!!!....really!]


-----Steve Rogers: "Listen, I'm really sorry about breaking your nose back there, General Fury....."
----------Nick Fury: "Take it easy, Cap. This nose has been smashed more times than Robert Downey Junior....It's you we're worried about right now, soldier. Are you absolutely sure this is the right time to put yourself through something like this, man?..."
-----Steve Rogers: "Sir, I just found out my fiancee's married to my old best friend and they've got four kids and seven grandchildren. Let's be realistic here;...there's never going to be a good time...."
 ----------Nick Fury: "Fair point....."

------MORE From THE ULTIMATES VOL. 1, words by Mark ["I ALSO wrote 'WANTED', 'OLD MAN LOGAN', & 'NEMESIS'!"] Millar...


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"Just one more thing......." -----Columbo, From the TV Series of the same name---


'AVENGERS'.....as well as being a foundation for MARVEL COMICS....has ALSO employed the BEST, MOST POPULAR WRITER [over the last decade] in comics, BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, as he has plotted and scripted every issue of up to 4 different 'AVENGERS' titles over the past 7 YEARS!!!

He came up with the idea of mimicing DC's 'JUSTICE LEAGUE'[...as the 2000's animated JLA series was immensely sucessful back then...] by putting ALL OF MARVEL'S FLAGSHIP CHARACTERS into one title, which meant yet MORE spotlight time for 'Claws' & 'Webs', although....

Known for rich 'POPy' detailed dialogue, seriously interwoven humour, STORY-TWISTS, & long-planned farscape storytelling, BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS also gives credence to lesser known characters, incorporating little parts of a wide MARVEL UNIVERSE with the scope & accuracy of a sharpshooter, overall painting a more cohesive picture for READERS WHO keep coming back with enthusiasm....

A sample of such would be.....

-----Spider-Man: Anyone want to carry me?

-----Luke Cage: Don't you have the proportionate strength of a spider?

----Spider-Man: Who hasn't slept in three days, who got his arm broken and hasn't had it looked at yet, who is now hiking though the tropical jungle in his full-body long johns and booties.

-----Luke Cage: That spider that bit ya must have been one whiney spider.

-----Wolverine: Booties?


............SO, I GUESS WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS.....In addition to an action-packed battle royale movie....AND an ACTION-PACKED BATTLE ROYALE COMIC, .....that being 'AVENGERS VS X-MEN' a 12-ISSUE FANBOY's wet dream promising everything but the kitchen sink......

......There ALSO EXISTS a STRONG, CHARACTER-DRIVEN narrative monthly series just begging you to READ IT, BECAUSE IT'S GOOD....GREAT ACTUALLY! .......It is rarer than it should be,....that a heroic COMIC BOOK movie will hit at the same time as its franchise COMIC TITLE is at its PEAK QUALITY-WISE! 

....Image Collections fully recommends you listen to THAT VOICE in your head which insists on nudging you back towards READING COMICS AGAIN, rediscovering your LOVE OF THE COMICS MEDIUM, & not only picking up an issue or two for old times' sake, but ALSO SHARING IT WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE....

....and 'AVENGERS'...... [or SAGA, SANDMAN, or SAUCER COUNTRY [about a woman running for US President] ] .....might JUST be THE PLACE TO START THE DISCOVERY... :o)

Happy Reading......IC :)


As adults we choose our own reading material. Depending on our moods and needs
we might read the newspaper, a blockbuster novel, an academic article, a women's
magazine, a comic, a children's book, or the latest book that just about
everyone is reading. No one chastises us for our choice. No one says, 'That's
too short for you to read.' No one says, 'That's too easy for you, put it back.'
No one says 'You couldn't read that if you tried -- it's much too difficult."..

Yet if we take a peek into classrooms, libraries, and bookshops we will notice
that children's choices are often mocked, censured, and denied as valid by
idiotic, interfering teachers, librarians, and parents. Choice is a personal
matter that changes with experience, changes with mood, and changes with need.
We should let it be.”
― Mem Fox, Radical Reflections: Passionate Opinions on Teaching, Learning, and

 ......"Yes, of course, the whole idea is utterly inane, but to let its predictable
inanities blind you to its truly fabulous and breathtaking aspects is to do both
oneself and the genre a disservice.”
― Alan Moore, Swamp Thing, Vol. 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing ..