Comics are back!  More precisely.... NEW COMICS are Back!

The Comic Book Industry, like almost every othr human-based activity this year, had to take a break to give the marketing camp for the [new publisher] AWA STUDIOS group to mass, MASS market their 1st comic, called THE RESISTANCE, which, shall we say was a lesson in 'Too BIG".....

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Maybe not all intentional, but having a pandemic doing some heavy lifting was...different....

PLEASE, LET US SAY, again, for it can never be said enough, the tragic circumstances of a world-wide threat may have brought humanity together united against a single, unseen by naked eye, enemy, and for the first time in most everyone's lifetime, that enemy was not ourselves [ #WeAreNotTheEnemy ], however it cost us ALL far too much in health, pain, death, & many factors that may take decades to discover....


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 New Comics took a break for awhile while the world healed [ a bit ] from the devestating effects of Covid19 Coronavirus, which stopped the shipments of new issues of comic books for the 1st time EVER in the history of their publication.

Meaning, even though World War 2, coultless economic & political crises which had ground many aspects of industry to a halt, sequential all-new stories with the added bonus [& necessity] of artwork continued to be rolled out to entertain and enlighten the public at ALL times [including 'SARs', 'Ebola', and other huge concerns].

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To many in North America [& the World] what has come to be known as 'September 11th' or '9 [the 9th month, Sept] - 11 [the day in Sept]' falls under this umbrella of catacylsms which DID NOT stop the flow of comics, which had built up a unbelievable string of over 90 years of weekly consistency...BACK THE COMEBACK 6 MONTHS.JPG

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#TheDAYTheComicsDidNotDie happened....It's Up 2 ALL OF US To Make Sure With#ComicsReturn They Can Find An Audience Thirsty, Dedicated, & Willing 2 Share.....Likewise Creators Have Had Rich 'Worldly' Content To Draw #InspirationFrom To Ponder & Provide To Readers.....We Think It Will Blend Perfectly...  #BoostYourLCS #ShopLocal #DayOne #BackTheComeback

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