Comics are back!  More precisely.... NEW COMICS are Back!

The Comic Book Industry, like almost every othr human-based activity this year, had to take a break to give the marketing camp for the [new publisher] AWA STUDIOS group to mass, MASS market their 1st comic, called THE RESISTANCE, which, shall we say was a lesson in 'Too BIG".....

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Maybe not all intentional, but having a pandemic doing some heavy lifting was...different....

PLEASE, LET US SAY, again, for it can never be said enough, the tragic circumstances of a world-wide threat may have brought humanity together united against a single, unseen by naked eye, enemy, and for the first time in most everyone's lifetime, that enemy was not ourselves [ #WeAreNotTheEnemy ], however it cost us ALL far too much in health, pain, death, & many factors that may take decades to discover....


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#TheDAYTheComicsDidNotDie happened....It's Up 2 ALL OF US To Make Sure With#ComicsReturn They Can Find An Audience Thirsty, Dedicated, & Willing 2 Share.....Likewise Creators Have Had Rich 'Worldly' Content To Draw #InspirationFrom To Ponder & Provide To Readers.....We Think It Will Blend Perfectly...  #BoostYourLCS #ShopLocal #DayOne #BackTheComeback

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