Marvel Comics 2021 March Women's History Month will be celebrating achievements in the-most-important gender's most recent centuries with a series of tributing cover appearances in fashion like poses!

When is Women's History Month? Why it's March 2021, with a series of variant covers by famous comic book cover artist, Jen Bartel, Marvel comics showcases some true heroes of their gender & all of humanity.  

Some of these covers have a real snazzy jazzy look to them and as the standout art reveals they seem more prone to the covers of fashion magazines than comics!

Jen Bartel, famed Wonder-Woman variant cover artist is really making a name for herself in comics as one of the go-to 'good-girl' pin-up style art producers in the industry of today....

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Who is the most popular Superheroine Marvel character?

Well, it would certainly be a huge debate, likely a nice showcasing of some interestting powers, hopefully no extreme duelings, & most would be satisfied having, as almost every Marvel Comics charcter finds themselves at one point, been an active, if even for 'a cup of coffee', member of an Avengers team at some time.

Marvel Comics, home of Spidey, Hulk, & the X-men is ALSO home to Jennifer Walters ( She-Hulk), Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch), Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel, the TV Show one), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Shuri Princess of Wakanda, Gamora, Sue Richards (Fantastic Four), Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel, the movie one), Jane Foster (Thor Love & Thunder Valkyrie) Monica Rambeau ( Photon, Captain Marvel another one ;o), Jean Grey (X-men), Ororo Munroe (Storm), Jessica Jones, Emma Frost, Elektra Natchios, Valkyrie, Rouge, Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), and Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat)!

Whew, and thats just some of Marvel Comics most famous female characters.

In March 2021 has produced some 'informative' variant covers as seen below.

Can you tell who these are tributes to? 


ic Womens history

 Patty, Jennifer, Emma, Silk

"If we had all read more about Wonder Woman and less about Dick and Jane the new wave of the feminist revolution might have happened less painfully and sooner."
----Gloria Steinem

"Frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who, I believe, should rule the world."---William M. Marston, creator of Wonder Woman

ic Womens history 2

Shuri Black Panther, Kushala, Felicia Hardy, Jessica Drew spider-woman,