DC 3-D Covers Deserve A Second Look...

Action Comics 1 3D bDC COMICS will be going far & above while incorporating the 1990s animated hit 'BATMAN BEYOND' into its cannon history with a series of done-in-one-stories showing how each of its characters are affected by this 'FUTURES END'....

For the occasion, DC COMICS is releasing many special 3-D variant-cover-editions in SEPTEMBER 2014 of their popular & successful 'DC-NEW-52'* titles...mostly at no extra cost!!!

[...* the DC UNIVERSE-wide re-boot which began in SEPTEMBER 2011 is commonly now referred to as 'DC-NEW-52'...see link below]

They look quite memorable!!!  ....Remember, the early bird [reserver] gets the worm [neatest comics] so don't say we didn't warn you.... :o)

....For MORE INFO just give us a call or email..

.Green Arrow 1 3D b.The Flash 1 3D.Batman 1 3D b.Harley Quinn 1 3D.Superman Wonder Woman 1 3D.Catwoman 1 3D.Batgirl 1 3D.Constantine 1 3D...

NOTE: Despite the alluring, irresistible, almost fascinating nature of these covers shown, use wise judgement in deciding how long to sit looking @ this page...we suggest less than 20 minutes.... :o)

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  imageLogo5smlrS A Y S . . .DC COMICS in 3-D?!?...That's CRAZY!!!...and....yet....very.... appealing...:o) 


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