Marvel Now #1s...Perfect Launching Point For Readers [Grab 'Em If You Can]


You've seen the groundbreaking NEW LOOK of the Revamped DC-UNIVERSE's diverse line-up in 'THE-NEW-52's' #1-#20..  ....YOU ALSO KNEW it couldn't go unanswered....  it's DC vs MARVEL  IN AN ULTIMATE FALL SHOWDOWN as...   TOP LEVEL SUPERSTAR CREATORS [..that means SMASHING ART and Pulse-Pounding Writing..] combine to bring 'The House Of Ideas That Stan Lee & Jack Kirby [among others] Built' Back....So PAY ATTENTION to   'MARVEL NOW!!!'  [over the next few months, MARVEL will be 'RESTARTING @ #1' many of its MOST FAMOUS TITLES!!!--RESERVE NOW!!]