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What is Scott Foster's Rookie Card?

One of the Biggest & Best Stories Of The 2018 NHL Season Was Chicago Blackhawks Goalie Scott Foster Who Made His Debut At Age 36 When He Played 14 Minutes Of Perfect Hockey, Preventing At Least 7 Goals While Playing The Winnipeg Jets On Thursday March 29th 2018.

Until There's A Real One, We've Put Together Our Replica Non Jersey Sortof 'Card' Below....

Scott Foster Rookie Card Chicago Black Hawks Goalie Hockey Card Young Gun Super Rookie

Scott Foster Goalie Chicago Clear

Scott Foster Rookie Cards Will Be A Hot Item....

7Congrats 2 @NHLBlackhawks Scott Foster, played perfect! #Hockey #history made as 2 #Chicago goalies #NHL debut in same #game incl accountant-by-day 36yr old #emergencyGOALIE #ScottFoster ==SHOW @UpperDeckEnt uWANTa #ScottFosterRC #FosterOfThePeople #HockeyCARDS #ImageCollections

Scott Foster Deserves Hockey Cards By Upper Deck And It Is Hopeful They Will Be Soon

Hockey Cards Have A Rich History In Canada & Around The World & Image Collections Has Been There For Almost 30 Years....

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