Amazing Spider-man #55 3rd Printing Blue Webhead Covers Spidey Again

Amazing Spider-man #55 3rd Printing Blue Webhead Cover Joins 1st Print White Web & 2nd Print Red Web Covers 4 Spidey Again!


  2021 Movies star Spider-man, a joint 'joint' of Sony Pictures & Marvel Studios movies making magic is set to burst a few sales records in his original medium of comics with a hot new storyline bringing in new readers starving for new Marvel Comics related content with no new Marvel Movies in 2020, & yes THAT is something ...well, ...NEW! :o)

SPIDERMAN 2021 movie information frenzy feeding on as Amazing Spider-man the comic, the webhead covers by Patrick Gleason, writer Nick Spencer's teasings, Kindred villian menace, and Spidey's new costume for Peter Parker all spark renewed interest in Marvel Comics 2-4 times a month ongoing Spider-tales!


White Web Red Web Blue Cover Too, Spider-man Covers 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Printings of Amazing #55 2021!   

Amazing Spider-man, the long-running, since 1963, flagship comic book title for Marvel Studios most popular adopted cash cow, Spider-man, is set to emerge as 2021's best selling comics title superhero wise!AMAZING SPIDER MAN 55 1ST PRINT GLEASON black 55

Key comic Amazing Spider-man #55 1st printing skyrocketed in popularity with collectors seeking the special new webhead cover demanded a sold out print run of over 156,000 copies almost 2 weeks before it shipped to stores!  

Pre-sales were already spiking as it seemed starved movie lovers without any Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel movies to attend because of the 2020-2021 worldwide Covid19 pandemic embraced the spectacular Spider-man cover, & were quickly informed of the implications of its content as well.


 Make Way For More Prints Of This Webhead Cover On Amazing 55!


Back to print went #55, this time with red webbing on the black cover for the second print, and, as an already hugely popular item on most comic readers to-buy lists, a growth exposure of Patrick Gleason's webhead cover to the general public's approval,& extra incentive 1 in 50 white background cover stimulus meant Amazing Spider-man #55 red web cover 2nd Print was on track to surpass the staggering print run of its predecessor.


Patrick Gleason Artist & Nick Spencer STAN-ning Spidey!

    Nick Spencer comic writer, deep into surely one of his dream projects, making web words besides web art for the wascally* web-slinger 'Wider-man', wrote worthy wisdoms such as Morning Glories, The Fix, & The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's pet project crime wonder, Thief Of Thieves before tackling Marvel's #1 Web Talent, Spider-man.

     By being true to the long-lasting formula of the 'anti-establishment' (circa 1960s 1970s) Stan Lee pushed comics mantra of 'Peter Parker', not his costumed self, being the subject of the soap opera embellished hip-cool-groovy experience the monthly Amazing Spider-man title had grown into, Nick Spencer has proven himself mightily!

     While Stan-The-Man, who wrote Spider-man's first 100+ main stories, was going against-the-grain of "Marvel's distinguished competition" DC Comics opposite idea that 'Clark Kent must play 2nd banana to series sales-driver Superman', he helped usher in a new era of realism, depth, & meaningful secondary casts of supporting characters.

The Amazing Spider-man 2021 writer Nick Spencer, hand-picked to take over plotting & scripting duties that cover webhead back in 2018 after long time (almost a decade, a record 160+ Amazing issues) Dan Slott authorship, has lived up to all expectations, paying a unique homage to those before him...


Spider-man Blue, Perfect Color, Perfect Cover!

AMAZING SPIDER MAN 55 3RD PRINTING GLEASON blue 55Beneath perfect comic webhead covers by Patrick Gleason such as this one, Amazing Spider-man #55, now entering it's third printing, soon to be a fourth print & fifth print, Nick Spencer has grounded solidly many of Peter Parker's closest.

With tactful takes on J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane Watson, Curt Connors (aka The Lizard), as well as opening new plots for Randy Robertson (son of Robbie), the self-centered head-shaker least-likely-to-be-a-pal-of-Pete's Fred Myers, villian Boomerang (??), & new tease & slow burn creepster,centipede loving, carrion becoming, scarily conniving new baddie KINDRED, The Amazing Spider-man does not suffer many plot holes!



THIS issue, #55 of The Amazing Spider-man makes for a fantastic gift (like ALL those bargain comics under $2.00!) for anyone who has ever seen a Marvel movie, read a comic book in the past, or has an appreciation for snazzy, inventive artwork...which pretty much covers a vast majority of people (...who are also getting pretty tired by now of 'screen-watching' or 'deep thinking' or 'button-pushing' & could use a useful, interactive, no-plug-in, actual physical distraction from Life right now!)..


"Graphic novels are such a visually creative world - it's really interesting what they can do in one sketch. Now I'm hooked!"
---Michelle MacLaren, Canadian Television Director, Producer (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, X-Files)


Mary Jane Watson: So maybe it's time to stop running. Maybe there's nothing wrong with making someone else happy -- as long as that person makes you happy....
Peter Parker: You mean...?
Mary Jane Watson: I mean "yes," Peter, Yes... I'll marry you!
---Amazing Spider-man #292


"Hey little sister, who's your superman...

Hey little sister, shotgun...

It's a nice day to start again...

It's a nice day for a white webbing..."
--A Spider-man Webhead Cover Version Of 'White Wedding', Billy Idol

"Welcome to our neighborhood Spider-man!  Would you be our..could you be our...neighbor?"

---VENOM [First words to Spiderman], Amazing Spider-man #300, words by David Michelinie

“The cure for boredom is curiosity...
There is no cure for curiosity.”
– Dorothy Parker
...words & opinions by T.M. Maple Leaf

ic Amazing Spiderman 55 3rd print blue


& we wish a happier & healthier

new year of 2021 for you & yours!

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