2021 Comics

2021 Comics:

2021 Comics


How We Learned to LOVE

Doing What We've Always Wanted To Do

But Never Had The Time To...


Asking just how we got here,

is like asking,

"Why do the ships in Star Wars make so much noise when they are blown away in space?", or "Why are they called 'ships'?", or "If these people can navigate in space, why do they still have so much trouble interacting with each other?"...

Possible answer...

"We just should TRY NOT TO think about it too much...."


Trying to comprehend the year that was 2020 is solidly a tough thing for any of us to do without imagining a tragic moment, a 'missed Event', or that really self-explanatory giff of a 'dumpster-on-fire-floating-down-a-flooded-street'...


...which says something, because even grandpas, or 5 year olds, thanks to 2020's forced learning curve into tech, could easily tell us that giffs [the ultra-tiny mini-movies of 1-5 second clips from something], are just....so...'four-years-ago'!


As we enter the year 20k+20+1,

it seems a lot like all the nightmarish aspects of the previous year all wrapped up as a pre-'The Walking Dead'-era zombie movie, complete with all the cliched trappings of knowing, "...unless you are that 'young innocent white girl', you ain't getting out of this alive...or without heavy damage!..." & in the contexts of 2020 & 2021, even they aren't safe!!!


Now, don't go blaming people on account of poor metaphores, or the fact that black & white still matter when it comes to everlasting peace-inducing classic movies such as the original 1967 'Night Of The Living Dead' zombie flick, Star Wars-influencer 'Seven Samuria' , masterpiece ADD-challenger 'Citizen Kane', or the inevitable 'It's A Wonderful-....', sorry, can't finish it while thinking about dumpsters, & the last thing anyone needs right now is '12 Angry men', or they'd go 'Psycho'...


What we CAN DO is help our fellowship of humanity in its time of need, give where the gift is appreciated, listen with the feedback of a correctly placed microphone, and understand with our hearts before undermining with our brain...


...These are, illogically, most difficult for all of us, & knowing that we will fall off the wagon allows us to plan for the certainty, and, know with positivity that, just because we offer a hand, it does not mean we know who will reach for it, if anyone, or, that we may not need to clench one ourselves...


Offering 'No-touch' warmth in words is nothing like the achievement of it in person, through technology, or by sharing a moment or thought, and similies can only hope to produce smiles, while actually working towards seeing one being produced is itself a much more worthy pursuit to master...


ic 2020 SAGA fulfill

Like where we began,

while taking time to READ COMICS, RE-READ OUR BACK ISSUES, SHARE COMICS, MAKE STAY SAFE COMICS, & TRY OUT those GRAPHIC NOVEL CLASSICS, we should also keep others in mind, because (for now) we only have ONE PLANET, and getting along, keeping us all healthy, & saving our space from extraneous noise,

it all seems pretty black...& white to us!

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Tip for the day...

make Life easier.....

Always keep an eye out for..

..superfluous information.


Meaningful take-a-way

proving reading all this wasn't a waste:

"1980s acronym from graphic interchange format..

= 'Giff' "

(...did we catch you 'in a moment' ? :o )