COMIC BOOKS 2020 Comics Stopped And Became Covid Celebrated


COMIC BOOKS 2020 Comics Stopped And Became Celebrated As COVID Let Comics & Graphic Novels In 2020 & 2021 Thrive As A Medium Of Thought & Wonder!

Dogman Gave Us Cat Kid Comic Club, we all owe Dav Pilkey Christmas gifts!

A LOT of 2020 Jokers may pave the way for a better 2021 Batman.

Still waiting to see at least 3 2020 Marvel Comics movies, Black Widow The Eternals Morbius, Blockbusters to be, while we finally got to see a 3 year old Marvel Fox movie, The New Mutants.  It, like the year 2020, was without Venom 2!

Along with a couple of big Boom comics, 2020 comics went as far as to Spawn a reawakening of making comics, #ReadTradeShareCOMICS , exploring Stranger Things & gave us all the Firepower to stop going stir crazy after the end of Giant Days!

Hot Comics in 2020 became money while millions decided the money of comics tempted them to go collect comics!

Money in the bank as it were to a comic books & graphic novels industry buying into pop culture, banking on, & getting, a constant influx of the curious, the interested, & the invested, seeking a big pay day in comics, the kind we've all had, once discovered to the fabric of the medium of graphics & words!


In 2020 Star Wars went bounty hunting for new readers & watchers, as The Mandalorian continued to soar demand for all Star Wars comics, old & new alike!

Disney's Star Wars canon is filling Luke, Lando, Leia, Han, even R2-D2's history every month in Marvel's Star Wars continuity currently after Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back 1980's smash hit that cemented "A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away..." from never wandering too far from our collective, ...ever again. :o)

 Marvel's Star Wars comics line-up menaced with a never-seen-angrier Darth Vader solo series peeling back the armour of Anakin Skywalker's decent into turmoil ( A Great Disturbance In The Force ) upon learning just how many had knowingly kept secrets from him, truly gut-wrenching ones! Vader takes revenge on everyone, & we mean EVERYONE!....

Shocking indeed, so much so that rather than a spoiler, for the true Star Wars fan, it deserves a read!

Also begun in 2020, an all-new on-going Star Wars Bounty Hunters monthly Marvel comic series winning over new fans with every fresh take on the galaxy's 'Anti-Heroes-For-Hire'!

Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, Zam Wesell, & Valance The Cyborg all have their roles expanded in StarWars Bounty Hunters the comic book!

A Spider-man new title Non-Stop Spider-man delayed 8 months, while Venom comics & Thor comics just kept coming soon & coming soon...

Donny Cates ruled Comics 2020 facts just as much as Miles Morales fiction searching ruled the Comics 2020 back issues searching!

Time for the Ultimate Fallout 4 the year 2020 & what may be for 2021 in comics! 

ic 2020 killing 2020

You don't have to worry as much these days as we are getting some good values out of comics...

No, that isn't refering to what you think it is.....

Come back in a few days & we'll fill you in...

Have a healthy & safe holiday season till next we meet!!  :)


How should we react, knowing the historic 2020 'Year Of the Virus' was, in comics 2020, the year of Venom, a character so meticulously marinated by writer Donny Cates, it indeed created a Virus, though perhaps a more faux version than the scarier one unseen today outside our locked widows?...

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