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DC COMICS Bugs Batman by Image Collections Comics Store in Canada 2


In an unprecedented move, leading 21st century comics publisher DC COMICS is changing it's most popular character's costume to resemble one of the 20th century's most popular animated characters in synergy with it's parent company, Warner Brothers. Yes BATMAN is becoming Bugs Bunny-like.

Presumingly with an overwhelming majority of it's shareholders taking part in the vote, Warner Brothers made the decision after long & careful consideration to 'evolve' its most profitable caped crusader to fall more in line with its upcoming Loony Tunes franchise reboot.

"It just makes sense to put their most powerful asset into the brand they are most likely to succeed at..", said an industry insider, possibly citing the fact that, due to marvelous competition, the upcoming 'BATMAN vs SUPERMAN' movie, meant to introduce theaters to DC COMICS most iconic villians & heroes, which had a lot riding on it, is no longer a summer-blaockbuster, & instead has now been relegated to a March 24th 2016 release.

A decision hasn't quite been made as to whether to alter Ben Afflick's costume in that flick.

"Bats have long ears, just like Bugs does", explained a not at all duressed Bat-Fan who sported a spiffy new Justice League T-Shirt.

Others were not as excited about the change, as Canadian comics retailer T.M. Maple Leaf explained, "We had heard the rumours, but when the announcement came....I think it hit hard". said the owner of Image Collections.

It's true, some comic readers & movie-goers don't understand it's just smart buisness, and besides those folks will always have their memories of the way it used to be, though DC COMICS is hoping to convince fans to "go ahead, give BAT-BUGS a chance." 

[[[[ PLEASE NOTE: Published on APRIL 1st 2015, this story is complete parody with no truth, EXCEPT the picture IS REAL, and DC COMICS is changing BATMAN, and HE WILL look like THAT, and it WILL BE drawn by their top artist....so GOTCHA!....AND DC's GOT all of us!....]]]]