The Reveal....writer-artist Richard Comely, creator of Canadian heroic icon Captain Canuck







On Saturday May 7th, Free Comic Book Day, legendary  writer-artist Richard Comely, creator of Canadian heroic icon Captain Canuck will be at Mississauga comic book store Image Collections in Streetsville.


Captain Canuck #1exploded on the scene back in 1975 as a self published comic series featuring a patriotically true Canadian hero!  To date, more than 2.3 million copiesover 26 different editions have been printed since the first issue.


Through not only comics, but also television, syndicated newspaper strips, t-shirts, buttons, textbooks, and even a government issued postage stamp, Captain Canuck has achieved widespread acclaim, success, and historical importance in contemporary Canadian culture.




Combining action-packed adventures with elements of science fiction, he has been thrilling readers with the exploits of a costumed Canadian secret agent for over 35 years, indeed thus inspiring many other creators to enter the flourishing industry, fascinated by the fruitful story of a risen national hero, one Richard Comely.


What better showcase could there be than Free Comic Book Day for the display of what can be achieved through imagination and penmanship, of sketching out an idea and expanding it so the invention reaches past its inventor, stretches outside its confines, skewing the panels and allowing readers to draw their own conclusions...


As once simply doodles, notes, and scribbles stymied by a stalled dream, your talents, like Richard's, can easily be unleashed, encouraged to fly, and be destined to rocket beyond the scope of any intentions.  A pencil, a few sheets of paper, a little enthusiasm, consistency, and perseverance can make many goals [and stories] transform quickly into reality.   Truly, in addition to the obvious, that is the vested purpose of this actually quite deeply mined medium's educational holiday shared the 1st Saturday in May each year, intentionally and proudly doing our best to "FREE" COMICS....



grey35CapLOGO For 'A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAPTAIN CANUCK' check into the character's official website HERE:


Free Comic Book Day is a single day when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores.







Happy Reading......IC :)

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